What is digital heritage and culture?

Digital Heritage & Culture is a platform that analyses emerging and innovative trends in heritage, culture and new digital technologies. It also examines projects, carried out in the tourism and cultural sector, which are aimed at disseminating, interpreting and promoting cultural heritage  and englobes a wide range of topics:  digital museums, exhibition design, multisensorial experiences, multimedia storytelling, new cultural consumers such as millennials and Instagrammers, as well as features tools and techniques applied in the cultural digital field, such as, projection, mappings, augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, immersive installations, virtual reconstructions, mobile applications, 3D prints, among others.

Digital Heritage & Culture is aimed at professionals from different fields, museums, cultural institutions and tourism companies specializing in the management and promotion of cultural heritage and the development of new digital technologies, as well as all who want to be up to date with the dynamic and rapid growth of the digital cultural sector.

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