Digital Heritage & Culture research platform is a blog that deals with new technologies, trends and innovations in the field of cultural heritage. Its “Seen from inside” formats, conversations with experts and scientific notes, are written in simple language for a wide audience.

The themes are selected from the analysis of the latest events and cultural happenings: what is being talked about, what is being written. The new technology sector grows and develops rapidly and constantly. If yesterday mobile applications were at the peak of popularity, today experiences, virtual reality and immersion are in the spotlight. Maybe tomorrow, artificial intelligence will replace the logistics of this blog.

The purpose of the platform is to analyze, deepen and understand what is happening, capture the latest trends, study them in detail (both in situ and online) and prepare a comprehensive 4all post.

The blog was born in Barcelona and practically all posts have been written here. But the course has changed and the blog has become a digital nomad. Now the trips, the new itineraries and the new points of view that they contribute, are the main purpose of the investigation.

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Blog Timeline


Birth of the Digital Heritage blog: first articles and notes, but the list of technologies is very scarce.

Celebration of the first important conferences of the Digital Heritage, in Marseille,  Cultural Heritage and New technologies in Vienna,  and Virtual Archeology in St. Petersburg.

Publication of the first results on the study of trends in mobile applications.

2014 – 2016

Growth of mobile applications, new developments and the introduction of virtual and augmented reality in various areas of cultural heritage. The European Union focuses on the digitalization of cultural heritage. Gallery One opens under the new concept “barrier free”

Publication of the doctoral thesis

Publication of the article on trends and typologies of mobile applications


The increasing availability and rapid growth of technology, especially virtual reality. Inauguration of the first digital museums in Japan and Paris.

Publication of the book on the five realities. Authors Irina Grevtsova & Joan Sibina


Large museums such as the Louvre develop professional projects with virtual reality. Growth and application of new digital technologies in a wide variety of fields. Climax of the interest of the experts in immersive experiences, treated in conferences of the American Alliance, Barcelona and Belgium.

Book on new formats of immersive experiences (in edition).