Publication of the new book “Between physical and virtual spaces”

I have been working in the field of ICT since 2011, and one of the events that contributed most positively in my growth and professional development, was my meeting with Joan Sibina, architect and museographer who, coincidentally, is the author of my two favourite museums, the CosmoCaixa de Barcelona and the Gaudí Center de Reus. In that meeting, he asked me for advice on the application of some communication technologies in museums and since then we work and research together in this field.

Currently, we are carrying out this research and are preparing a series of practical manuals on various current issues in culture and ICT. The fruit of this work is the recent publication of the book entitled “Between physical and virtual spaces. Cultural tourism in the digital world”(in Spanish) published by Grin, the German publisher specializing in academic eBooks and traditional books.

This book summarizes key findings and is focused on analysing the essence and characteristics of a type of cultural tourism product called the virtual visit. Recent blog posts present some keys that facilitate the analysis of ICT. In the book, we expand and deepen the research into these issues. Moreover, we examine meticulously, one by one, all the variables that intervene in the user’s digital experiences and establish two large groups of products: those that are visualized with displays, and immersive experiences without displays. We find experiences as diverse as virtual visits in situ in museums, interpretation centers or urban centres and remote views on web pages with the use of gadgets.

The book is complemented by colored images of real practical cases, links to videos on YouTube and graphics that we have developed specifically to facilitate the understanding of the characteristics of each product.

We invite you to read this book and you are welcome to share your comments.