My services

Having worked in the field of cultural heritage and cultural tourism since 2011, I was lucky to get involved and gain valuable experience in both scientific and professional fields. I worked in interdisciplinary research groups with archaeologists, museologists, architects, art historians, and computer professionals in the field of museum design, development, and implementation of new technologies in the cultural sector, as well as carrying out research projects.

I would be glad to share my experience and collaborate in the following professional areas:

Scientific consultation and research in the field of cultural tourism, museums, and new technologies

  • Consultation on writing articles, textbooks, and monographs
  • Scientific guidance on writing dissertation research and advising on the preparation of scientific papers.
  • Supervising the finding and publishing of articles in foreign journals
  • Writing reviews and editing scientific texts
  • Searching for and monitoring grants

Consultation in museum and tourist services:

  • Consultation services for the development of a general digital strategy in museums, municipal cultural departments and tourism companies.
  • Digital marketing services. Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blogs, SEO, Google Analytics research.
  • Assistance with conceptual development and storytelling for multimedia systems, taking into account the target audience.
  • Consultation services for the development of mobile applications, AR, VR websites, video games.
  • Writing scenarios for multimedia installations.

Presentations and lectures

  • Conducting lectures, seminars, workshops and master classes (online) in Spanish, English, and Russian
  • Interpreter (Spanish, English, and Russian) for scientific and professional seminars

Consultations can be conducted in person or via Skype in online mode

For more information, please contact me by email:

You can read my publications in the academic portal More detailed CV in Linkedin.