Hi, I’m Irina

What can I say about myself? I am half explorer and half free artist.

My interests … there are many! The main ones are culture, travel and technology. By nature, I am a restless and curious person. I like to explore the world, observe and share my experiences and knowledge with people.

I was born in Lipetsk, in Moscow, and I graduated from the University of Architecture of Moscow. In Barcelona, I wrote my doctoral thesis, worked in research groups, collaborated with different universities and wrote scientific articles. Now I write books, I am a blogger, I travel a lot, I teach, lecture and I direct an online Master in Design of Experiences and Cultural Spaces in Esdesign.

On  LinkedIn you can see my professional timeline.

I will be delighted to collaborate professionally, scientifically, creatively and all the “-ally” you can think of. I can travel to your city wherever you are. Write me at the e-mail: irina.grevtsova.bcn@gmail.com