Hi, I’m Irina.

I am from Russia and since 2008 I have been living in Barcelona. After finishing my studies in architecture and landscape at the Moscow University of Architecture, I moved to Barcelona with dreams of turning my career around. It was at that moment that I added the Master of Management of Cultural Heritage of the University of Barcelona to my background studies, which I finalized with a Cum Laude Ph.D. in Heritage Education.

The blog Digital Heritage & Culture was born with my research career and, therefore, its purpose is to be a tool for the study and analysis of emerging and innovative trends in the use of digital technologies for interpretation, dissemination, and promotion of heritage in the cultural sector. These initiatives shaped my new field of specialization in digital technologies for the cultural sector which grew significantly in a very short period of time. Currently, this field presents one of the most important lines of my profession and research work.

Thanks to the great development of technologies during the last years, the blog has also grown considerably, and now it represents a digital deposit of good practices, initiatives and innovative tools designed to disseminate values of heritage in the cultural tourism sector. It also represents the reflection of my passion for discovering the magic of how technology can go beyond being a simple tool for making us live and feel the inheritance and culture in a close way.

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