New Year, New Design and New Purpose!

Welcome to the updated blog!

Enjoy the new design, navigate updated menus and, most importantly, feel at home. The blog has been updated to make your reading more comfortable, enjoyable and impressionable.

The new design also marks a new stage, a new blog path. It becomes a nomad and begins to travel through different cities and countries. The route is still in development. Who knows, maybe the next stop is your city?

And there is more news. This year, the publication of the book “Immersive cultural experiences, the practical guide on the latest trends and new formats” is expected. We have written the book together with my colleague, architect, set designer and expert in the design of cultural products and co-author of the book “Between physical and virtual spaces. Cultural tourism in the digital world ”.

Today everyone talks about “immersion”: technologists, marketers, tour operators, museum professionals. But what does “immersion” really mean for the cultural industry? Is this a passing issue or is it really a new trend? The list of questions is quite long and there are few answers. However, there are already illustrative cases that indicate the beginning of a very deep transformation of the sector.

I will write more about the book in the next posts.

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